How We Can Help (Resources)

This page expands on the general Stewardship-Discipleship topics presented in the District Support Services Summary. Content in this section identifies specific resources that have proven practical application in our congregations. Each resource includes a short description with links to actual materials for review and downloads for use. Resources are grouped into four categories to make searching easier: Assessment Tools, Awareness Helps, Preaching and Teaching Materials, and Generosity.


Assessment Tools

(Primer, Tool Box, etc.)

Stewardship Primer


 Stewardship Primer: A Guide for the Christian Congregation

A primer is defined as a book that covers the basic elements of a subject. This Stewardship Primer is designed to help congregations review the basics of Christian stewardship, be an encouragement to congregations to embark on intentional, year‐round stewardship education, and introduce a plan and process for congregations to use as they provide stewardship education that impacts the lives of individual stewards and the life of the congregation as a whole.  Download Now.

Stewardship from A to Z

The A to Z collection of resources includes important items for pastors and stewardship committees. The documents are arranged into four sections to help leaders find content applicable to their unique settings. Download resources

Congregational Stewardship Workbook

Three-ring binder of booklet modules with accompanying CD produced by Synod Stewardship in 2000.  Stewardship A to Z updates and/or replaces many but not all of the resource modules. Synod Stewardship declares the workbook to be public domain for download and use.

Demographics Study

Discovering your church’s ministry opportunities has never been easier.

The Southern District in partnership with The Southern District Church Extension Fund provides you free unlimited access to MissionInsite’s Demographic data. Contact Steve Linck, email for the access code and click here to Register.

Awareness Helps

(District and Synod Pubs, etc.)

Spirit of Southern
The new direction for SOS seeks to provide a valuable resource to people of the Southern District, whereby ideas are shared and the mission of Christ is celebrated. This will be accomplished through articles which demonstrate ministries of the Southern District:

  • Living the mission of Christ
  • Changing lives through Christ
  • Sharing best practices in ministry
  • Addressing pertinent issues facing the church

View the Spirit of Southern

Cross Points
Cross Points is a brand new electronic, resource rich newsletter sent out to our Southern District leaders and congregations on a regular basis in support of your mission and ministry. Through the office of the new Mission and Ministry Facilitator, Eric Johnson, Cross Points will endeavor to provide practical and doable resources, encouragement, stories, and suggestions to help you lead God’s people forward in their mission and ministry as together we follow Jesus in reaching people with the Gospel, bringing them to faith, baptism, and discipleship.

View Cross Points

This Ministry That We Share
This Ministry That We Share is district’s electronic newsletter published the 1st and 15th of each month. Contents include the District President’s message, significant district and congregational events, servant-leader announcements, and mission and ministry updates. Did you know that you can get This Ministry That We Share in your email as soon as it’s published? Click here to read or subscribe to TMTWS.
StewardCAST is a monthly e-newsletter by Synod with stewardship resources for individuals and congregations. Subscribe online by choosing the “Stewardship” category and selecting StewardCAST. Read StewardCAST

Preaching and Teaching Materials

(Synod and District Bulletin inserts, etc.)

Bulletin & Newsletter Information Stewardship bulletin sentences and newsletter articles are available for congregations to feature in church publications. Bulletin sentences are based on the one-year and three-year lectionary.  Download bulletin, newsletter resources.
Bible Stewardship Principles The LCMS recommends using these Bible Stewardship Principles in guiding education and appeal efforts in Synod congregations, entities, agencies and auxiliaries. The principles feature a leader’s guide and are available in four different languages plus three age-appropriate versions. Read guide and principles.
Lighter Pine Stewardship
A four-part bulletin series highlighting stewardship as a response to the Gospel what God has done for us in Christ.  Lighter pine story provides an ongoing thread that focuses on time, talents (gifts), treasure, and testimony (witness). A half-page (two sides) that congregations can use as a bulletin insert. We don’t have to be big old stumps full of the Gospel to fuel the stewardship fire. We can be a small piece of lighter pine kindling that responds to the Gospel blessings God has given us by grace through faith.

Reference Sheet

Bulletin Insert 1

Bulletin Insert 2

Bulletin Insert 3

Bulletin Insert 4

LCMS Stewardship
LCMS Stewardship Ministry plans educational opportunities and provides ongoing support for pastors and lay leaders as they implement Christ-centered stewardship plans in their congregations. Download information sheet.
Faith Aflame


Faith Aflame is a congregational process designed to change the stewardship culture so that in every congregation, every professional church worker, every man, women, and child would know that they are God’s steward by His grace, live as His disciples, and manage the gifts He entrusts to them with joy and generosity—all so that His purposes would be accomplished and His mission enhanced.

Christian stewardship is defined as the free and joyous activity of the child of God and God’s family, the church, in managing all of life and life’s resources for God’s purposes.



1.   God’s Purpose         God’s Purpose ppt

2.   God’s Passion          God’s Passion ppt

3.   God’s Plan               God’s Plan ppt

4.   God’s Provisions     God’s Provisions ppt

5.   God’s Promises       God’s Promises ppt

Rural and Small Town Mission Rural and Small Town Mission (RSTM) supports rural and small town congregations because, while the work to which God has called them is the same across the country, the context in which that work is carried out varies from setting to setting. Congregations face unique challenges, and Rural & Small Town Mission offers several outreach strategies and resources, including:

Download information sheet


(Thrivent, Suggested Resources, Success-Real Presence Stories)

Stewardship Under the Cross  Stewardship Under the Cross: Stewardship for the Confessional Lutheran Parish  written by the Rev. Heath Curtis. He shares the “experience and advice of one pastor struggling to remain faithful to God’s Word while leading his parish through a rough financial patch.” Download free book
Christ-Centered Generosity
The Global Generosity Network and Kingdom Life Publishing have partnered to launch the writing and publication of Christ-Centered Generosity. The purpose of the book is to be a primary resource for the global movement of biblical generosity. Our hope is to provide a theologically sound, biblically-based resource for Christian leaders, pastors and the body of Christ on the theme of our call to be faithful stewards who live lives of generosity and joy. R. Scott Rodin (Purchase from
Turning Donors into Disciples
Turning Donors into Disciples will take you on a spiritual journey that will transform your faith and finances. It will challenge pastors and church leaders to do faith-raising, not fund-raising, and to use budgets to spend the money, not to ask for money. It tells how to reach God’s expectations, not ours. It revels the heart and motivation of a Christian steward. “Turning Donors into Disciples” walks you through the practices that transforms donors into faithful disciples who express their faith through a variety of ministries of witnessing, serving and giving. Waldo J. Werning (Purchase at
Thrivent Financial
Living Generously. Thrivent Financial promotes helping people live generously. Their members offer hope, reach out to those in despair and show God’s love in amazing ways. Thrivent Financial provides stewardship workshops, funds community action teams, and allows members to direct Choice Dollars to congregations.