The Southern District -- LCMS
Spirit Kindle Grant Application

Be sure to read the Grant Guidelines before applying.  You can access the document by clicking HERE (right-click to download the PDF).

Project Title:*
Your Orginization/Congregation/Circuit*
Contact Person*
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You must submit the Annual Budget of your organization or congregation for the past 3 years as a file attachment.  PDF works best.  Also include the Proposed Budget for this project.  You may include these documents with your Summary Worksheet which you upload at the end of the application.

Total dollar amount of Project:*
Total dollar amount from Congregation*
Total dollar amount from other sources*
Total dollar amount of Grant requested*
What is the Baptized Membership of applying congregation?*
What is the Average Sunday Attendance for applying congregation?*
What % of offerings given to the church at large/district in previous year?*
What is your congregation's pledge for Southern District Mission Support for the current year?*
How many members of congregation will participate in this project?*
Missions Committee Project Advisor
Is this project ongoing or a one-time activity?*
Are there any other organizations participating in this project?*

Please enter complete names of the following individuals.  This will serve as your Electronic Signatures.  An email or phone call will be made to each individual to verify agreement.

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Congregational President*
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You may upload multiple files.  BE SURE your filename(s) is unique and identifies your project name.  For example, if your project is "Hope Festival", call your filename hopefestival_1.pdf or similar.  PDF files are always best, but you may also upload images, documents, spreadsheets, or powerpoints.  This application CANNOT be completed unless a file is uploaded.  If you cannot upload a file, you may fill out the paper application and submit via snail male instead.

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