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All congregations who are revising their constitution or by-laws are reminded of the requirement stated in the Synod’s Handbook 2.4.1 (see below).  Revisions are to be sent to President Kurtis Schultz Email or sent to his attention at 100 Mission Dr. Slidell LA 70460


A congregation desiring to retain membership in The Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod shall continue to have a constitution and bylaws approved by the Synod.

(a) A member congregation which revises its constitution or bylaws or adopts a new constitution or bylaws shall, as a condition to continued eligibility as a member of the Synod, submit such revised or new constitution and/or bylaws to the district president.

 (b) The district president shall refer such to the district’s constitution committee for review to ascertain that the provisions are in harmony with Holy Scripture, the Confessions, and the teachings and practices of the Synod.

 (c) Upon advice of the constitution committee and recommendation by the district president, the district board of directors shall determine if the changes are acceptable to the Synod.

 (d) Upon favorable action by the district board of directors, the congregation shall be notified that the changes are acceptable to the Synod and that the congregation is entitled to continue to function as a member of the Synod in good standing under the new or changed constitution or bylaws.