From its earliest days, the Christian church has demonstrated a concern for the welfare of its members. In the Bible, the Book of Acts* tells us that the earliest Christians shared everything they had, and that they distributed to each member of the Church what was needed. This philosophy has been carried forward in the Church by various means throughout the ages.

We can see this concern and Christian caring at work in The Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod (LCMS) through the benefit programs administered by Concordia Plan Services originated by and ratified by the Synod in convention long ago. “Walking together” through participation in The Church’s Plan means that enrolled church workers and their families can be assured of financial assistance in times of need, whether it’s the birth of a baby, major heart surgery, an accident or illness which prevents someone from working, an unexpected death, or retirement after a lifetime of service to our Lord.

The Church’s Plan, our most comprehensive benefit package, consists of:

  • The Concordia Health Plan,
  • The Concordia Disability and Survivor Plan,
  • The Concordia Retirement Plan, and
  • The Concordia Retirement Savings Plan.

Today, Concordia Plan Services is the LCMS benefits provider of choice for over 6,000 LCMS congregations, schools, universities, seminaries, and other organizations in the United States and in mission fields world wide. Through these participating organizations, over 31,000 active workers, along with 54,000 dependents are covered by the various benefits Concordia Plan Services provides. For more information click HERE